Super Affiliate System Review (John Crestani)

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John Crestani

When the John’s first Super Affiliate System came out about 3 years ago I was MIND BLOWN from the Facebook Ads tactics he was teaching in his course and his FREE live webinars.

The 2018 Version of the Super Affiliate System is WAY BETTER and cleaner than the first one.

What is the Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate System is 100% recreated from the ground up for this 2018 release.

It has all new features such as:

  • Target Data
  • Ad Swipe
  • PreSell Pages
  • $895.00 Of Network Coupons For Paid Traffic
  • And a ton more of VALUABLE training!
Super affiliate - home page

The Super Affiliate System is a very easy to use course helping people become successful paid traffic affiliate masters is 6-weeks.

You will be learning a ton of VALUABLE stuff such as:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • And a lot more!

Do not let that scare you, You will be starting with a SMALL ad spend of ($5.00 a day or so) And scale once profitable.

John’s course is very easy to use and is very suitable for the newest newbies to follow and learn.

And he also provides templates of audience, ads and landing pages to use for promoting.

The training takes you through 6 weeks of training and 50 hours worth of VALUABLE videos explaining the afflilate marketing system from start to finish.

The first 2 weeks of the course you will learn the basics of the business model ,the mindset you should have, what to offer and how to promote the offers.

The next couple of weeks of the course you will learn how to use major traffic sources such as:

  • Facebook
  • Adwords
  • Native Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • And Others

The Last couple of weeks you’ll learn how to optimize, scaling affiliate campaingns to tens of thousands of dollars PER DAY.

Here’s what’s inside theĀ members place:

#1 – Training

Keep in mind that the course has 50 hours of video training with daily homework and weekly quizzes.

So, This NOT a course to rush through in five days ,or not even three weeks.

They worked so hard to make this the best guide for affiliate marketing and hold students accountable for their learning.

They found is every case that every student that haven’t had success with the Super Affiliate System course haven’t went through the whole courses material.

Here’s an over view of what you’ll be learning each of the 6 weeks:

  • Week 1 – The System Setup
  • Week 2 – Understanding The System
  • Week 3 – Marketing Skills
  • Week 4 – Facebook And Google Ads
  • Week 5 – Youtube And Native Ads
  • Week 6 – Scaling And Automation

WAIT, There’s More!!

On TOP Off That, you also get John’s FREE Traffic Training, Internet Jetset which normally goes for ($47.00 per month) as a member.

There is another full set of training videos covering everything you need to get FREE Traffic from websites like Facebook, Google and Youtube.


#2 – Done For You Ad Campaigns


The Ready to Launch campaigns are templates that includes EVERYTHING for you to launch your ad campaigns, such as:

  • The Audience Targeting For Facebook Ads
  • The Affiliates Ads
  • The Landing Pages
  • The Top Offers to Promote
  • And Much More!

They come in a VARIETY of niches such as Weight Loss, Skin Care, Growing Muscles, etc.

#3 – The Community

You getĀ  FREE access to a PRIVATE Facebook group for members only, The group Includes Q&A’s, updates to the content and training and much more.

Also, John is HIGHLY ACTIVE in the group and it’s such an amazing feeling when you see people post about their success with the Super Affiliate System Course.

#4 – The Live Group Coaching And Training

John Does live webinars for 2-3 hours every Friday at 3pm PST where his members share their success with him and he answer their question live.

And people really love that because they never know what they will learn.

My Super Affiliate System Review

Honestly, this course is really EXTENSIVE.

When they say it’s a 6 week course they really mean it, it’s like a educational plan where you learn 1 hour a day and practice/take action another hour per day.

With that being said, I see that this course is AMAZING and very VALUABLE because it’s takes you seriously unlike other courses where you just get the videos, in the Super Affiliate System they really take care about you and help you as much as possible.

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